In our 5-axis machining center, we produce CNC milled parts to the most demanding and diverse requirements. Due to the 5-axis machining, the milling cutter can be positioned at any angle to the workpiece. This enables the manufacture of extremely complex 3D contours.

HOERNECKE offers the complete machining of individual parts using CNC and CAD, as well as the assembly of complete modules from the manufactured items. Complex milled prototypes, small and medium-sized series productions are possible.

Our machines are equipped with high-precision probes, the use of which means we can be sure to keep difficult milling processes totally under control and also undertake corrective intervention during production.

CNC programming and monitoring of the production processes is carried out by our highly qualified and experienced personnel. The milling operations are thereby continuously analyzed and optimized.

We work together with competent partner companies in the fields of surface and heat treatment. Our strengths include flexible production planning and a high standard of quality.