Over a hundred years of experience in pharmaceutical and chemical production make us a competent and reliable manufacturer. HOERNECKE specializes in the production of various types of aerosols. This includes the development and production of protective agents and less-lethal irritant sprays, fire extinguishing sprays and oils. All our products are manufactured to the highest quality using environmentally friendly components.

Quality Control

We are committed to complying with statutory, regulatory, and customer specific requirements in the manufacturing processes of all our products. The quality control management system ISO 9001, which we have been using since 2002, contributes decisively to managing and maintaining quality. Planning, control and production is regularly checked and examined for ways to improve.

Furthermore, our quality management system provides standardized instructions for development, environmental management, health and safety, data protection and stability tests. In our modern laboratory, comprehensive analytics are all available under one roof. With our trained personnel under academic guidance, the current possibilities of comprehensive quality assurance, including gas chromatography, are used optimally.

In order to assess product quality, tests are continually carried out throughout all of the production phases by qualified staff. Any products which do not comply with specifications are then removed from the process. This means ensuring the quality from the raw materials to the finished product. In-process controls as well as inspections of incoming and outgoing goods are carried out and, where necessary, certificates of analysis guarantee quality and safety.