Founded in 1896 in Magdeburg, the company is now run by the fourth generation of the same family, directed by Thomas Hoernecke, in Oberstenfeld, Germany. Since 1962, the main focus of our business has been the development, production and sale of security products for the protection of individuals.

We have specialised in the manufacture of protective spray agents and less than lethal irritant sprays. Our original TW1000 products, for personal self defence and for use by security forces, have matured into a versatile, highly functional, range of devices.

Over 120 years of experience in medical and security research, are our guarantee for the high quality of the substances used today and the performance of our spray systems.

In addition to the production of chemical products, we develop and manufacture specialist technical equipment, for example, for use in training and simulation, as well as prototypes and high quality CNC milled parts to customers specifications.