Modern irritant agents are characterized by the way that they have a safe but sudden impact on the subject but are produced in an environmentally friendly way. This is a complex matter that requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise in dealing with irritant agents and turning them into working devices. 30 years ago HOERNECKE significantly influenced the trend towards pepper spray in Europe and today produces a highly effective spray using the natural chili extract Oleoresin Capsicum: OC for short.

This non-toxic and environmentally-friendly product comes from the extremely hot chili peppers Capsicum frutescens and from Spanish peppers Capsicum annuum L. It causes a complex irritation in the area of the eyes and upper respiratory tract that makes those affected unable to attack. If required we can also produce other types of irritant agents for special purposes.


The protection of our environment and resources is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we mainly use pepper extracts of natural origin as raw materials. Also, in the selection of raw materials for our production, we make sure that they comply with REACH regulations. Even the packaging materials used comply with REACH regulations regarding SVHC substances. We use neutral gases, such as nitrogen, as propellants for our aerosols. Recycling and disposal of aerosols is just as important to us. We therefore offer our customers disposal agreements, where we take back products after the expiration date and dispose of them properly. Waste separation is carried out according to a specific waste management plan.

TW1000 Irritant Spray Devices

Over 50 years of manufacturing experience of irritant spray devices has led us to produce Original TW1000. This expertise combined with state of the art scientific procedures in our own laboratory, guarantees the high quality of our leading product for personal safety, TW1000. The principal features of TW1000 sprays are maximum efficacy in combination with ease of use.