Our overarching goal is that our products provide protection to the people using them as safely and reliably as possible. Our quality policy results from a far-reaching concept and aims to preserve our prominent position in the European market and to live up to our reputation as a reliable provider.

Hoernecke has been a family owned company for four generations. Our goal is to continue that tradition, by the production of sustainable and high-quality products. Sustainable development means taking into account environmental concerns on an equal footing with social and economic considerations. Managing a sustainable business means leaving our children and grandchildren an intact ecological, social and economic framework. We cannot have one without the other.

Customer satisfaction, compared to that of our competitors, is helping us secure the future of our company. We achieve that satisfaction by consistently delivering high quality products and services. Keeping to promised delivery dates and responding quickly to enquiries. The needs, expectations and ultimate satisfaction of our customers is paramount to us.

The most important asset, are our employees. We all work together as a team and jointly contribute to achieve our goals. We operate in a friendly, trusting atmosphere where staff meetings are held regularly and employees can ask for meetings to discuss personal problems. Our employees are important to us and to show our appreciation for their work, we operate a profit-sharing scheme.